We hear of the word 'music' daily, we experience music, but what does music really mean? Does this word really exist? How are people surviving through this? If we continue like this, we will have a million and one question to answer!😋
Basically, music is an art that deals with the creation of sounds in a pattern that is agreeable to the ear, and pleasant to the listener. In short, music is the creation of organised sounds, which may involve the combination of voices, instruments e.t.c. to make a sensible pattern.
   There is definitely a clear difference between music and noise. Noise is simply the opposite of music i.e unorganised sounds. Music is simply the mixture of sounds that would probably make you cry, dance, feel emotional etc. Music sure has a reasonable impact on our thinking, behaviour, words etc. Example of noise, is the one that exists among people in a market. That makes sense, right?
In short, I would say: Music is everything!
             TYPES OF MUSIC

 There are many types of music. Some of them include:
- gospel music
- folk music
- hip hop music
- classical music
- jazz music
- contemporary music
- traditional music
- reggae music
- blues music
- latin music e.t.c.

The elements of music entails those things that makes up a quality piece of music, or those qualities that are required for a good and successful music. They include:
This is how high or low a note is.  For example, let us consider key A and key E on the keyboard.  When we produce a sound from these keys, key E sounds higher than key A, that is the simple meaning of a pitch. By increasing or decreasing a pitch at a particular interval, scales are created. A scale means a ladder of notes.

 This means a recurring pattern of notes. When we say recurring, it has to do with time. Therefore, rhythm is time dependent, it is a time element of music.

 A melody is created by playing just notes singly, or one after the other. It is the tune of a piece of music. 

Harmony primarily means in unison.  Therefore, harmony means the playing of two notes, or a group of notes (triads or chords) at once.
This simply means the loudness or softness of a note.  This has to do with the volume of notes, and it is stated with signs like p,pp,mp etc.

This means sound quality or tone colour of a music, or a particular instrument.  It helps us to recognise the sounds of various musical instruments.

This refers to the number of voices that are present in a piece of music. This means how various materials are combined. 
Tempo means the speed of music . You will get a better idea if you know about a metronome. 

Duration is the lasting time of a note . With the knowledge of time signature, the duration of notes will easily be ascertained.
What are the uses of music? 
- Music is used for religious, traditional, political and ceremonial purposes. 
- Music connects one to God. 
- Music serves as a food for the soul.
- Music is used for dramatic effects. 
- Music can be used to calm us during angry periods. 
- Through music, our cultures can be preserved.
  Can you see how music is so important to us? 
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