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Hey there! If you want the answer to your problems easily, then consider getting this music ebook:
Tonic solfas of 85 songs + how to find the tonic solfa, key and chord progression of any song by yourself.
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- By PlayThePianos(PTP)

   Hey there! Guess what? You are very very lucky to be reading this at this moment. Why? PlayThePianos just wrote a PDF for you and we are ready to give it to you. This PDF has the solfas of one hundred(100) hymns, sheet music, and the hymns are both in English and Yoruba translation for you to know which one it is.

Here is proof:

   Wow! This is really spectacular! Yes, don't miss this opportunity! Getting this book means you have everything you need with you. It is a shortcut to being an advanced instrumentalist. You'll get the solfas of hymns for different seasons in the book. For example there are solfas of Hymns for Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Anniversary, Love, New year, Encouragement, Prayer, Faith, Family, and many more. What else do you need? You will find it in this PDF. You can now play ANY hymn you like.

  But hey! I am not going to give this book out for free because of two reasons:
1. People do not value free things.
2. I spent a lot of time, energy, resource to come up with this big book.

So, here is what we will do:

 I will give you for 500 Naira.

For payment details and to purchase yours, kindly send a message to this number on WhatsApp: +2349031821332 or send an email to emmaayo299@gmail.com.

   Please if you are not ready to purchase the PDF, don't send any message to the accounts above.
  Quickly get yours at a cheaper now before others people take the position, and inform others. Some smart people have bought theirs.

Think of it. Once you have it, you have it. That's all. Don't waste this opportunity! Thanks.

Remember: You MUST pay the price to win the prize.

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