Mistakes piano players make and their corrections

Mistakes pianists/keyboardists make

   As pianists or keyboardists, there are a lot of errors that we make, most especially when we're new to the instrument. Or we're probably encountering a problem as at any level of expertise. You know what? These problems are from our foundation ...it is only when we clear them, that we will get rest and progress to the next level.

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   Don't be surprised that some of these errors have gotten many frustrated and the next thing they thought of was to quit- and they did! You see, the joy of being a pianist is when you smoothly improve. 
   However, I've been able to detect most of these errors, and here we will be taking a look at them and possible solutions to them. 

The mistakes and their corrections 

Wasting practice time: Yep, as they say, 'there's time for everything.' Same thing applies here. Often times we are enticed to use part of our practice time to browse, chat, watch that unmissable movie etc. These are nothing but distractions. Learn how to created time specifically dedicated to piano or keyboard practice because your level of expertise depends on the extent to which you are close to your instrument. 

Doing more than one thing at once: Now this is the normal habit of instrumentalists. We always impatiently wait to explore different levels of music, different piece, different everrything! That thirst is great........but lol.........we want to cover it all in a short time....so we multi-task ourselves- yeah that's the right word. The thing here is that due to this multi-tasking, your mind is tricked into believing that you've mastered the previous workout, and in most cases you haven't. So, go back there and start taking things one by one. 

Skipping those basic exercises: It's normal that when we get to a particular stage, we'll automatically grow the mindset that some particular topics are for suckers and not for you. But in the real scene, you deserve to take a look at them. The bitter truth is that if you want to get to the highest level, you have to start from the lowest level. Don't underestimate the powers simple excersises, they'll help to build a solid foundation .Alas, one thing I noticed about these so called simple exercises is that they are interesting to play and inspiring. Yep buddy, give them a try!!!

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Ignoring the correct fingering pattern for playing scales: Many of the small guys that come to me to show me that they can play scales have this problem. I have grown tired of correcting them. But I think when they were being tutored, they only put their minds on the way up and down the scale, and not how to truly run the scale. I think you should go back and cross-check yourself in order retake this mistake. Lolz. If you have no problem with this........congrats and good for you. 

Not having correct finger placement and sitting posture: This has sure been a hell of a force to reckon with. Many of us lack knowledge on how our fingers and hands are to be placed, and don't even know that it's an offense to bend or back or keeps a stiff body while playing. The correction is to go back and work on yourself. 

Not listening before playing: Many new-to-the-thing pianists are faced with this problem. Though they don't know that it's actually a problem! With this, you'll always get the lead singer to shout at you....sometimes, not only the lead singer would do that, she would also get some backup from the backups. But listen, without their shouting, you are supposed to understand that no matter how impatient you are to get your hands on the piano or keyboard, you should learn to listen to the song. Then you would be able to figure out the chord progressions, the key of the singer......et cetera. You won't have to just start thinking when everyone is watching. So, if you are in this condition, I recommend that you go back and work on yourself in this aspect.

Focusing on only one key: Hey! That's what 95% of us do. We focus mainly on one key, like an easy key that contains less or none of accidentals, eggs Key C, F or G. But still, there are many guys who can play on all the keys. The advantage of this is that you wouldn't have to always depend on transpose to work. The joy of playing the keyboard comes when we don't stick to only one boring thing. 

Not following tempo: As a keyboardist or pianist, it is highly important that you play according to the speed of a song.......sometimes speed is stated in some sheet music. But many of us do ignore the statement. Maintaining discipline to follow the statement is highly important. If you have been doing this for a while, it's easy to let go off it. Just try to discipline yourself that 'no way! I must play in accordance to the speed' because that's a bad training habit. 

Being too rough and playing too loud: gross! We all did that maybe to announce that we have learnt a new skill, or have improved. That means 'playing for showing'. Some people cannot just be calm when they play. They'll just be playing roughly, and the worst part of it is when they increase the volume of the keyboard for people to listen to their nonsense! Very slow songs require calmness, many people do not know that.........and that's also with songs that use string voice(s). I think 🤔 discipline is still the right word to use.

Not being over prepared before displaying: This is common to teens and children. Once a new skill is uncovered, they become impatient to improve on it before calling their friends to gather round and watch. In the process, you fail because you didn't practice enough before displaying. Practice begat manifestation. Next time you find yourself in that shoe, ensure you do thorough practice so that when you leave the midst of your friends, they'll clap your you........and you'll smile! 

Not using all five fingers: the strongest and most controllable fingers are the Thumb, Index and Middle fingers, next is Ring and last is Pinky. Pinky requires a hell lot of training to use it to satisfaction....that's because it is not as strong and long as the others. Over the years, I've come to meet many keyboardists that use only the strongest three fingers, because they believe that using Ring and Pinky is uncomfortable. That's not the idea behind the keyboard!  Why do we possess five fingers and not three, that's in order to make use of them all. The remaining two are not there for decoration. We should learn how to control them all to our taste. 

Listening to songs and not their accompaniments: I've come to learn that one can greatly learn a lot by mere listening to the backgrounds of songs. By listening to them, our hearing can be improved, we can get exposed to a new way of adding chords, we can also get awesome improvisations, runs, fills etc. 

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