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   The internet has gone nuts! Everything is taking another turn. You can do virtually anything in just a matter of seconds! Shopping, getting directions, communication etc. And you know what? The funnest part of it is that learning the piano keyboard is not exempted! 

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   Technology has taking over. You can learn almost everything on the internet; get resources, materials etc. It's all possible....... And thank God for this knowledge He gave man!
   Let me tell you a bit about myself. This should introduce you to the secrets we are about to learn. 
   Learning the keyboard got me more than ten teachers! Anyone that I meet must not pass me by- they must have something to teach me. Amongst all, I had three major teachers. These teachers sure did all they could to groom me.....
   They helped to lay a solid foundation about the instrument- taught me the basics etc. Then after all they could, I had to face the rest by myself- and that's how it is for every student! I just had to improve, but how could I? I could not just stay where I was, and when next will I get a teacher, because some of them were moving away. 
   But luckily for me, I got introduced to the power of gadgets - technology- to achieve and become anything I want, and that is what we are going to be discussing. These methods have brought out a better 'me', even though I was finally left with no physical teacher.
   You could also be in a more dangerous situation than mine, but hey, here's the solution you have been awaiting. I have found answers to more than half of my problems, and this has greatly improved me. So I invite you to calm down and carefully read, and digest this life-changing article. 
   Like I said earlier that these methods have brought out a better 'me', even though I was finally left with no physical teacher. The point is for you  not to just be idle. You too can be a lot better.
   Though this article looks pretty much like an advertisement.... but believe me that I wasn't paid to do this, and it is because of our 'one love' 💑

What are those tools???

1. The power of Youtube in learning the keyboard:

    Yeah, you know about this. But it is clearly different from what you think. OK, here we will go into 'deeper depths'. So, don't rush this post!
   It is a fact that watching youtube videos drains a hell lot of your data. Well that's it! But the sad thing is that, you mustn't or can't watch a piano tutorial video more than once because you just have to manage that data, or maybe you can if the video has something special........reluctantly..... ha ha..... .. But hey! What of button phones that can't watch online videos? That's where the digital divide enters. 
   For android devices and the likes, there are still a couple of ways you can get these videos downloaded into your device, and watch it again and again. But for small phones that can't use this medium, one of my teachers taught me this trick: to download any video that can be found on Youtube, just add 'ss' in-between the dot and Youtube in the URL of the video. Eg if the video's URL is , it will now be Then, you will get directed to where you will get the download of your piano or keyboard tutorial video....then chose the format you want.....etc.
   You can also apply this trick on any device.....and use it to download any video from youtube. Then you can rewatch it as long as you want. With this trick,  I have downloaded at least one hundred and eighty piano/keyboard videos.  Isn't that great???

2. Piano learning applications from playstore: 

   This is another cool way of gaining improvement. Unfortunately, it was just of recent I got the importance and power of this method. How? I stumbled across one of the best apps (or even the best) one could use. The name of this app is 'Piano chord, scale, progression companion' and the likes. 

   That is just a screenshot of a part of Piano companion app. Search play store for it and you'll be amazed at how rich it is. We also have others like it....and there is also one app named 'Piano lessons'. But this Piano companion stuff is far better. Copy? 
   It introduces us to many unknown types of scales,  chords, and even chord progressions....with correct fingerings. Words cannot explain it- go and check it out! 

3. Apps that make you play keyboard on your phone: 

This time, not learn, but play!  I mean rehearsing when you have no access to no piano or keyboard, your phone can do the work. But get it that it won't be like when you are on the keys. The joy of learning a musical instrument is when you have your personal instrument to practice whenever you want, and not renting, or always borrowing the church's. .......lolzzz 😂 ... ..we do that a lot!!! But seriously, no real improvement can come from that. 
   And technology has offered a better alternative.....though not good enough, but manageable. You can now play the piano or keyboard on your phone with some useful apps. Let's talk about few. 
Firstly, we have virtual piano. 

Virtual piano here has done a lot of work in helping us get better. The app is perfect for everyone to use, if you can. And for those that are so conscious or stingy of their storage space, they also created a site for you to play the piano online, instead of downloading the app. With this online stuff, you can play the piano using the keyboard of your computer. There are also other great sites that offer that can search them on google.
   We also have em......ORG 2018.

   Dude this one is bad mehn! It has mind-blowing advanced features of a keyboard. Here, you will meet options and function buttons that you won't see on an average keyboard. With this guy you can fake as if it were a real keyboard. You have to check this out. You can get your copy by downloading the app from play store.

4. Free basics:

   Yeah you probably know a lot on this. And certainly, your mind went directly to Facebook. But like I say, that's not all. Our major use of free basics is to chat on Facebook. That's the small portion of the gigantic whole of free basics' ability. With free basics, you can not only access Facebook freely, but some other sites for free. Eg WikiHow
Wikihow is a site that answers many 'how to' questions, and of a surety, this includes the piano keyboard. If you don't know, with your Airtel or Etisalat sim card, you can access these resources freely without paying a dime. And great news, playhepianos is working to make this blog free for every person with the passion of learning the piano or keyboard. So don't forget to share this news with others! 
   So with the power of Free basics, through technology, you can become an expert.

5. Finally, I would like to recognise the presence of social media piano/keyboard groups, pages etc: 
Source: keyboard and chord lessons @ Facebook

   Here is also a popular way if you don't know. Technology also did this. God gave man the knowledge of technology, and technology paved way to all these benefits. So God still remains the chief-architect. There are a million and one groups, pages, discussions on the social media eg Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram..... as the most popular. Joining these platforms has made a significant impact in my piano life. (I do have a piano life...ha ha). 
   For those who don't welcome the idea of group chats, discussions should chase that mentality away....or you would rot in stagnancy and mediocrity! 
   Amongst the groups on Facebook, I acknowledge the one named 'Keyboard and chord lessons' because the guys there are always willing to help, and it is one of the most active keyboard groups in Nigeria.

   For now, I think those five points should do........I trust you have learnt a great deal of lesson..... And you already have a turn around coupled with empowerment. All the best from team

Also, don't be stingy. Try to share the good news now!!!

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