The indescribable power of the earpiece or headphone in learning the piano keyboard

The Headphone/earpiece as a useful tool in playing the piano keyboard

   Hey guys......welcome to another mind-blowing and awesome tutorial here at It is always nice hanging around here with you guys, and today I have something special for you. In this post, I will reveal one of the most-wanted secrets. Ordinarily, with this you can take your playing to another dimension.....sure.

   This post is very priceless....admitted! This is because it is not listed in the learning syllabus. And check again, no one will tell you about this because only one percent of us knows this.
   Do you know that there are still billions of interesting ways in which one can be over-averagely skilled on that stuff, instead of dying in boredom??? That's the major focus of what we are gonna be scanning this time. Everything doesn't have to be boring. Haha......learning from others is sure a part of it! That's how we get our inspirations.
   OK, back to the matter. The earpiece/headphone remains one of the best modern tools we can use to gain professionalism. I wrote something on 'great modern tools that will make you a professional pianist or keyboardist'. Click best modern tools to read it. And yes, you are right! The earpiece that we use to listen to radio and music. That's exactly what I am referring to. Follow suite and discover the power of these gadgets.
   I can remember when I met with the school's new music teacher. We got to exchange some things....and that day, I learnt something new from him, though he is not a professional, because he now specialises in singing. But he still has that morale. 
   Then, as one of the supporting tips he gave me, he said, 'and again, always use an earpiece whenever you are rehearsing people's songs. It will help'. I responded casually.....and I thought it was a bright idea, because using this only makes my practice time more joyous. I hadn't got the idea behind this that time, but funnily, as sweet as his advice was, and my promise to start with it immediately, I never for once tried it. It was later when I gave it a try that I was able to point out the sense in it......not only to make my practice time more memorable.
   Emmm, imagine yourself working on an already produced song,  to find the chord progressions, solo lines, bass lines....and maybe key, then you are stuck, all because you can't hear a bit of the background accompaniments- only the singer's voice.....that situation is always a mess. This mostly happens with our phones, and perhaps if your phone isn't better. 
   So how to get out of this situation- get an earpiece or an headphone, or both! They'll greatly help- trust me. This becomes clearer if you are the person that uses 'chinko' Just get the stuff- and not just any. Below is an advice you need to help you get the ear devices.

How to choose the right earpiece/headphone

   Choosing the right 'stuff' won't be a big deal if you reas this calmly. 
   Firstly, I think you should cool down and take a deeeeep breathe. There are many '419' people out there, selling fake and spoilt wise not to fall victim. Copy?
   After this, the next and most important point to note is that you must get an earpiece/headphone that the bass volume can be controlled'. You may say, 'Hmm....interesting.... Though i still follow you with the headphone thing, but can we really control the bass level of a song with an earpiece???' Yes! You can!!!!!
   There are some earpieces that have a button embedded on the control box. This kind of earpiece is the best choice to make.
Image source:
   The button serves as a control; you can use it to make the bass lines come out clearly, and therefore score the lines. And note again: it is not all earpieces that has this button can have the bass volume controlled. Yes, I thought it was all that could, until I found a white infinix earpiece that doesn't work this way- though it still makes the background and all of that clearer.
   About the headphone- I prefer this to earpiece-  same thing is applicable. 

There are headphones out there with advanced functions to suite you. You should pick those ones. Make sure you have more than enough money in order to choose the best- don't rush!!!

   So, I think that does it for now. Until when we meet again in another post. Remember: never underestimate the power of an ear device. It is not for only singers, or quiet guys. See ya 😋.

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