The Awesome power of the major pentatonic scale - by David R. Henry

The major pentatonic scale- by David R. Henry....

   Hey guys!!! This is a very special tutorial that I would love to star. This time, we are having a special person as our teacher. His name is David R. Henry. His lessons are smooth....💟 we are gonna be having a series with him. 

Just a hint: what does 'penta' mean?

So let's dive in.......

   12356....... No, I didn't forget how to count. That's a secret code that will change your life. It's used all over the planet and opens the door to a world of joy and pleasure. What am I talking about? It's the major pentatonic scale and it's going to become your best friend.

Five Simple Notes

   From The Grateful Dead, to the Allman  Brothers, to the superstars of country music, the most widely used scale is the major pentatonic. It's amazing that just five notes can make so much music. People have made a living just playing those five notes. Some people call them 'Do Re Mi So La', while others number them '12356'. Now you know the meaning of the code at the beginning of this article. 😋

That sweet sound

   The major pentatonic scale has a sweet, happy sound and goes well with pop, folk, country and southern rock. It was even used by blues legend B. B. King. Many songs, like 'Amazing Grace', are major pentatonic tunes.

   In the key of G, the major pentatonic scale is GABDE. It is found only on the white keys. That makes it really easy to play. The black keys can get confusing.

   The key of C, which is also called the natural scale because of its existence without sharps and flats, we can find this same scale. Here, we have our pentatonic scale as 'CDEGA'. That's pretty easy guys! Give it a shot!

   Also, in the key of F, the five seemingly magical major pentatonic notes are FGACD

   If you noticed, these keys do not have any black keys in their pentatonic scale. That makes things easier to flow in the major pentatonic scale.

   Finally, the key of C# gives us C# D# F G# A# as our fun pentatonic notes. That would be an example of a key with black notes in its pentatonic scale. That's fair enough guys. If you need the notes of the pentatonic scale in any key, just comment.... keep an eye on this blog, more is on the way!

Jump and Hop

   The scale sounds good if you run up and down it but will get old if you do that for too long. It's best to jump around in the scale and you can even repeat notes. There are no rules, but try to be melodic with your playing. It helps to know some licks and sequences as this will be more pleasing to your audience.

The Hidden Scale

   If you are clever and observant, you will see that the major pentatonic scale is also another related scale. We'll discuss that next Time.

   How do you use the major pentatonic scale?
What are your favorite licks and sequences? Let me know in the comments section below.

Until next time....

About David R. Henry

David R. Henry is an advanced guitarist, writer, singer, and a risk-taking teacher filled with the Holy Spirit. He lives presently in Hong Kong. He is the composer of the song named, 'No Problem' and many other awesome songs.

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