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Hey are currently in an epic tutorial. Here we are breaking down a big exercise into divisions, after which there would be a building up. Each part comes with an embedded audio file. When you click on 'the underlined part' written in blue, you will get the audio file. Each audio file can either be downloaded or listened to online. Fair enough!
   To the real deal.......

   Wassup guys!!! Really nice to be back with you again. I trust you have been greatly enjoying our services...😊😊.
    So this time, we are going to be having a very special post, and trust me that you are one of the luckiest guys on earth, reading this at this moment.
   I came across a killer finger exercise..... Through this one exercise, I gained more height. It really helped to improve my fingers strength, control and speed on the keyboard. Great! I decided to give this BIG exercise out to you guys freely. You'll know what I am saying when we dive into this. 

    This exercise uses the 'common time signature'; four crotchet beats in a bar, though you can speed it up, and make the time stuff 'double'. Yeah, finger speed is the main thing, after control and strength.
    The exercise is not that long. And though it looks babyish, you can't phantom the undeniable power after practice.

Note: This is a big exercise that is called, 'daily exercise'....because you have to incorporate it into your daily practice schedule.

So let's dive in.......

   This exercise is divided into seven parts....... These seven parts make up the whole. Throughout, we'll be incorporating our five fingers of both hands, through the first five notes of the major scale. That looks dry, right? But check again.........

    So remember to start reply slowly, gain full control, build your strength- then speed it up! And also, as you continue to speed it up to the max, you'll gain more strength- that's what music is all about! 😉😉
   And one more thing! This exercise is for both hands....not right hand alone, or left hand alone.
  Let us now take a look into the first three divisions.

Part 1

   This is the first division of this exercise. In solfa notation, it involves running the first five notes of the major scale: d r m f ascending and descending order. Yep, this is a common exercise, and you'd probably done it millions of times. But here's an advance technique. You should repeat it again and again, as many times as possible.
Click on Part 1 to get the exercise in audio format.

Part 2

   This second part is quite different. It also involves the first five notes of the major scale, but here we make adjustments by skipping some notes. Now we have it as: d m r f m s f r... This helps to gain more finger control skills. 
Don't understand? Click Part 2 to get the practical part of it.

Part 3

Here in this third part, we also have a similitude of the second part. We have:
d m r d, r f m r, m s f m, r f m r, m s f m, r f m r. Repeat this as many as possible, and make sure you are stead.
Here is Part 3 for you to understand better.

Part 4

   Here in part 4, we simply have: d r d r, m f m f, s f s f, m r m r... I mean that here we repeat two notes alternatively. Just a simple common time signature. It is something you can do in a couple of seconds.
Here it is in audio: Part 4.

Part 5

   Here, in solfa notation, we have the fifth part as: d s f s, m s r s.....repeatedly. This is a pinky strengthener; it would help to give strength to the pinky.
That's nice, we are almost epic lesson indeed.
Click Part 5 to get the audio, and understand better.

Part 6

   This division is easier in relation to others. Here, we'll only make use of the first three notes of the major scale. In solfa notation, it is: d r m r, d r m r......just continue the stuff. It is easier because we only make use of the first three(strongest) fingers, and that is the Thumb, the Index finger, and the Middle finger. See.....very easy....until we get to the last part....
Click on Part 6 to get the audio part of it.

Part 7

   Part 7 is a little bit different from part 3. Here we have: d s f m, r f m r, d... Repeat it. It is not that hard, but it looks confusing. If you don't understand, here it is: Part 7.

Part 8- The end....

   You sure did a great job to get here. The last part of it is the funnest part of it. Here is when 'the magic' becomes 'the miracle'. This is the end point of our streak. At this point, we bring together all those stuffs we learnt into one big blast! 
And here we have it as: Combined exercise.

   Tip: Don't forget to practise real slowly, become steady, and finally speed it are gonna have a bigger blast next time you try that thing you see as 'impossible'.

So go back there.........and practise!!!

Note: By clicking on 'any part(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7), you get an option to choose to either listen to audio exercise online, or download.

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