Download this free music PDF file: Tonic solfa of 20 worship songs

Download Tonic solfa of 20 worship songs

Hey, guys. Before you get this free book, make sure you check this bigger one out!!! Don't miss this: Tonic Solfa of 85 songs + How to score any song in the world.

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      Hey guys....welcome back. This time, we are not having any tutorial, but what we are going to be having will qualify you to be the luckiest person on earth. It is mind blowing, and I consider it to be amongst the best and smallest gifts I give to all the followers of this blog.

The issue.....

   I discovered that people are in great need of the solfa notations of any song they can think of, and it is not an easy task for beginners to figure out tonic solfas of songs; i was once in your shoes, so i had the experience. The most painful part of it is when you can't figure out the tonic solfa of that song you fell in love with- what fortune! 

   Or maybe the music instructor taught you how to figure out the tonic solfa of any song, but you didn't understand, then you were given an assignment to find the solfa of some songs. But you don't even have any idea on how to even start. That is a really bad condition. But cheers, help is here...😋

   Or maybe the instructor didn't even mention the songs to figure out the solfa. But he or she just told you to bring the solfa of any song you like. You are luckier. But if you don't even have any idea on how and where to get this song, you are not in trouble. Read this till the end and you would have to thank God later.
   Or maybe, as a student, you decided to get those solfas for yourself and practise. This is a really big idea you came up with! This is not a post that brings waste or regrets. Count yourself lucky to be in the right place.

   Or maybe as a teacher, you have the passion to move extra mile to help your students improve. This may be for piano keyboard lessons, voice training, or any other musical instrument. This post is also of great use for you. You would find relief at the end of it all.

So what's this all about?

    Everything i mentioned above is not out of sweet and smooth fingers! I have not made meaningless points, it is the truth. Now, you would discover if I am insincere. Like I mentioned earlier, this is one of the smallest and best things I can do freely for all followers of the blog!

   To solve these problems, I wrote a PDF file for you all. The name is 'Tonic solfa of 20 worship songs'. This is the small gift I have for you. This is a file that everyone must get.

   This PDF file contains the correct Tonic solfas of 20 worship songs you know. These songs were carefully scored to give maximum satisfaction to the end users. The above picture is the screenshot of the PDF file's cover. The file is 100% error-free and reliable.👌

   And guess what? I am giving out this PDF file FREELY. The download link is available for free! No payment is required- nothing! Just download the PDF file and go and practise hard with it.

   Break free from the anger of your instructor. Use it to complete your assignments; use it to improve. Take your students to another level. This is a free stuff. Playthepianos is working to make you a better instrumentalist. 

   Don't thank me, thank God. The only way to repay us is to keep following this blog.

   And remember guys, if you have any question on solfas, chords, improvisation, or any other topic, feel free to drop them in the comments box.

   Also guys, don't forget to share this with others. The download link is available only for a short period of time. Thanks.

    To get your own FREE copy, click:

Download tonic solfa of 20 worship songs NOW

   Don't forget to get the bigger PDF with 85 Tonic solfas and how to score any song in the world, by clicking Here. Thanks.

Till next time.......


  1. I do not where to start from,anyways let me start by giving God thanks for you and the work you are in helping people like us have access to music online may God Almighty bless you and the works of your hand.

  2. Am a fresher and I need your help. Thank you as you train me in an ABC way so I can pick. God bless you

  3. Please how do I develop my musical ears.. thanks


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