Tonic solfa of 'Nearer, my God to Thee (Uno sunm'O Olorun'

Solfa notation of 'Nearer, my God to Thee (Uno sunm'O Olorun)'

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   'Nearer, my God to Thee' is a hymn, popularly known across the countries of the world. The translation in Yoruba language is 'Uno sunm'O Olorun'. It's hymn number in Christ Apostolic Church Gospel Hymn book is 833.

   The song is for Trials and Victories. It gives hope to those encountering any trial, persecution, hardship, challenge. It is a soul-lifting song. It is very easy to play or sing.

   The name of the composer of the song is S.F. Adams. 

   Nearer, my God to Thee
   m      d    f       m  r     d
   Nearer to Thee!
    r        l   t     d
   E'en though it be a cross
   m          r       d  t    d   r
   That raiseth me,
   m       s      f    m
   Still all my song shall be.
   m     r     d      t       d       r
   Nearer, my God to Thee!
   m       d    f     m   r     d
   Nearer to Thee!
   r         l   t     d

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