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    Any instrumentalist (beginner, intermediate or advanced), that does not have any idea on Music theory is only deceiving himself/herself. Such a person is a joker! Everything in life is divided into two parts: Theory and Practical.

    Theory dictates to you, 'what to do'. It gives you the principles and idea. While practical guides you on 'how to do it'. It teaches you how to apply theory adequately! Music is not an exception to this system of theory and practical. Music is NOT just about 'how to play', but 'what to play' is deeply involved, and in most cases, it is important that 'how to play'.

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   Here is the big question: How do you know how to play something if you don't know what you are supposed to play? Or how will you understand practicals if you do not yet understand theory? That is the answer to most of the frustrations you face and heavy weight you carry.

  That is why, in music, theory is always covered before practicals. You must first know 'what' before you can apply it, or else, you won't be half of that advance player you want to be!
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   It is on account of this, that two VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE men in music theory, Mr David R. Henry and Mr Alexander K. Ocran, carefully wrote an awesome eBook for you. Yep, for you!

    The name of the eBook is Music's SECRET Codes. Even with the name, i guess you should have known how important it is to get this eBook. This eBook will give you EVERY information you need to have in music theory, in order to be that big pianist you want to be - your dream. After purchasing this eBook, I guarantee it that YOU DON'T NEED A TUTOR BEHIND YOU AGAIN! You WILL be able to stand alone. Can you imagine how good that is?

   About the price? He's made it very cheap and affordable for you. It is $3.99. In Naira, it is 1, 443.34 naira. That is not even expensive! Trust me, this eBook worths more than its price, and you won't regret purchasing it. The lessons are excellent and pretty easy to understand.

   As a bonus, after purchasing this eBook and you want a gain more understanding, we will add you to the official WhatsApp and Facebook group for more explanations. What's better than this?

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