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MOOD VS ZEAL - Propiece Emmax

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   Imagine you were invited to a church to cover up for their absent keyboardist, and on your way to the church, you got insulted. That made you angry. Then when you got to the church and started accompanying, that angry mood was still in you. You could not concentrate and connect during worship and praise. This prevented you from doing all what you had earlier planned to do during the fellowship. How sensible is that???😕

   As pianists and keyboardists, we are to have the knowledge of two big factors that drive us while we are on the instrument - Mood and Zeal. It is utterly important to know the weight of the two words, how they affect us and how to optimise them. These two words are an entirely different concept in the lives of pianists/keyboardists but they are yet to be discovered. The aim of this blog post is to throw light on this hidden treasure. Read this article to the end and you will remain thankful for the rest of your life...👌

   To begin with, Mood and Zeal are no new words to us. Mood simply means our feelings at any instance. It is majorly driven by our emotions an temperament. On the other side of the coin, Zeal means our vigour, enthusiasm or diligence with respect to a vocation. Here we are going to take a look at the two words in relation to how pianists and keyboardists play because most of our dealings largely depend on them.

   Imagine that, on a Sunday morning, as a keyboardist you are fully prepared for service; it is praise Sunday. You are so excited and cannot wait to get your fingers on the keyboard in church. You are impatient because you know that praise Sunday means you'll play crazily to God. Because of this, you had vigorously rehearsed earlier. You have the feeling that you would play something big in church. At last, the service started and you were on the keys. But in reverse, at the end of the first praise section, you were disappointed at what you played because the choristers totally messed up during praise. ALL what you planned to play came to nought - nothing worked well! You were so furious that you thought of quitting the choir...LOL...😂😂 At the other praise sections, the mood to play disappeared and you started playing nonsense as if you were an absolute beginner.

   Also imagine that as a pianist or keyboardist, you abruptly developed an habit in which you are independent on whatever is the outcome or mood of any Sunday service. All what is in your mind is just to play your best excellently and put in more effort. You want to play in this service far better than how you did in the previous ones, and that if the choristers mess up, this won't bring you down in any way. You will only ignore them and keep pushing harder.

   The last two paragraphs give the clear picture of the two forces that drive us. These forces are at constant battle to dominate. As keyboardists, we must know how and when to exercise each.

   It is not so good to be driven by your 'mood'. Those who are driven by their moods might be presented with something unlikely. This would wear them down when they finally start playing the keyboard.

NOTE: We play the piano or keyboard to express our mood or feelings to people. But what if the mood of the choristers is not the same with ours, how would the service be? What if we are in the mood to play jazzy praise but the choristers are in the mood to worship God, does that correlate? What if we are in a sad or angry mood and they are in the opposite? The only time a mood can be utterly expressed is when we are the king of the presentation, without any chorister!

  But check it out this way: If we remain zealous every time we play, how would that be? We will sure play excellently. The zeal to play means that we put in ALL our effort to build up whatever the choristers do. So this means that, we are not based on what type of song the singers sing. The mindset we have is to excellently back them up no matter what - whether they mess up or not - whether they sing the song we are in the mood to play or not. That's simply the idea. That's where excellence ad exceptionality yields from.

   Your mood might be pretty difficult to control or even predict. You cannot decide what mood to be in - the atmosphere does that. But you can decide whether to play well or not, no matter what the cost would be. Your vigour in playing can be greatly influenced by you, irrespective of what mood exists at that instance. Just decide to play any instrument you lay your hands on zealously! Play it zealously!! Play it zealously!!! Then you will be inspirational...

Check this out:
Mood playing is good.
Zealous playing is better.
Mood Zealous playing is the best. It is a boom - a blast! 😉
   When you are in the mood and have the zeal to play, that is a blast! Always try to be happy, guy........and be ZEALOUS at all times!

Play excellently! Play excellently!! Play excellently!!!

- ProPiece Emmax.

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