Tonic solfa of popular worship songs - The free plan

Tonic solfa of worship songs for you - Free plan

Tonic Solfa of worship songs PDF

    In this post, you'll be given the tonic solfa of popular worship songs for free! 

However, it's the free plan. The free plan only gives you not up to half of what you might need, though it is still a good option. But there is a better plan, named the 'Premium plan'. Don't miss the premium plan.

   The Premium plan is something you can access anytime, with unlimited solfas of songs in it. The premium plan is a PDF (an ebook).

 The Premium plan gives the correct and complete tonic solfa of 70 worship songs, and I added 5 more worship songs as a bonus, and you know what? I also added 10 solfa of some of the most popular praise songs. It gives more than enough of the solfa of the songs you need!

    As if that is not enough, in that PDF, I gave the best and proven tips on how to find the key, chord progression and Tonic Solfa of ANY song in no time. Examples of tonic solfas of songs you would find in the PDF are: Nara, Aka Akaya, Halleluyah eh, Ekueme, Break Every Chain, and so much more. Don't you think you should get yours? If I were you, I won't miss this chance, even with this special offer! 😉


    It's available for only a token of 1200 naira only. This is due to the Special offer I am giving. Immediately the offer expires, the price will increase back to its original price. So get your copy NOW!

 You can purchase your copy of the eBook by adding this number on whatsapp for payment details: +2348035138818. If you feel you cannot use this medium to pay, kindly send an email to

REMEMBER: To win the prize, you MUST pay the price.

So, the free plan....

Free plan of Tonic Solfa of worship songs

1. You are God from beginning to the end

s s d, d r m r d t l
f f f f m r d
d d d t l t d

2. El-Elyon, God most high

s s m r m f, m d r
r r m d l, l l t t t t l s l

3. Olorun to da awon

s d d, t d r r,
d r m, d t l
r r d d d, d r l t d
s d d, t d r r,
d r m, d t l
r r d d d, d r l t d
m f s f m r d
t d r d t l s
m f s f m r d, d m d r
s d d, t d r r
d r m, d t l
r r d d d, d r l t d

4. We hail you, most high

l d t d t, s l
l d t d t, s l
m l s r, m r d l
l d t d t, s l

5. Bless the Lord oh my soul

m s l, l s m
r m r d l
d d s m d r
m s l l s m
l t m, d r m r t d

6. Here I am to worship

f m m r m m
f m m r r r
f m m r m m
m s d
d f m m r m m
f m m r r r
f m m r m
m s d

7. We are saying Faithful are you Lord
m d r d l l l r d
r r r f m...r
l l l r d
d r m r d

8. I will worship you forever more
d r m m m,
 m f m r r
r m r d d
s m r m d l

   Don't forget to upgrade to the premium plan!!! It is too affordable, guys; Just 1200 Naira. You must learn how to find the key, solfa and chord of any song in the world! Thank you and congrats in advance.

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