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    Have you ever wondered what makes a normal pianist, organist or keyboardist, like you and I, a world figure? Have you ever thought of the reason why the same person you started learning how to play the piano with, or even after, is far ahead of you, and now you know him as 'boss'? Have you ever considered why between two skilled keyboardists, you love the way one plays than the way the other does? And this is not because the former is more skilled, but you just love him better. All this boils up to one point - The Secret Place. Follow up: we are going to touch every aspect and break all barriers.

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   You are a product of your secret place. You are the end result of everything you did or have been doing in the corners. Whoever you are today is based on whatever you did yesterday, or whatever you have been doing. Such is life. Understanding this: there is nothing called 'cheating' in the school of life. Who you are today, what you have, is based on merit, works, level of diligence and commitment and so on. Nobody and nothing is capable of robbing you of what you deserve, but you. Got it? Do not get confused, friend.

   The secret place is your area where you do your rehearsals and practise. Do you understand that? Your secret place, as an instrumentalist, is simply your building room, where you gain more momentum to thrive; It is where you prepare for exhibition in any public place. Without a solid secret background, you will fail woefully.

   "The reason why many instrumentalists (most especially beginners and intermediates) make big mistakes and fail in public, is because they did not thoroughly labour in the secret place."

   The secret place is amazing entirely different and important aspect in the life of any instrumentalist. Apart from trainings from instructors and turtles, and playing in public,the secret place MUST not be neglected. After lessons, you are left all alone to improve on what you have learnt, through personal rehearsals. It follows the same college principle, where you would be taught in class, and expected to study deeper by yourself at home. The secret place is the place for warming up, practising, rehearsing, researching, self discovery, thinking, studying, and highest of all - Praying. Yes, and instrumentalist must pray not to fail. You know what? Failure starts from the secret place.

   A great man respects his secret place because that is what made him who he is. This secret place is his training and grooming room. Cory Henry and others would not have been so good on the piano, keyboard or organ and keyboard, if they had turned a cold shoulder to their secret places. Our secret place, bring out that great musical potential in us by first helping us up discover it. We can never over emphasize the importance and extent of power of the secret place. Even great men of God never ignore the secret place.

   The secret place is the place of discipline; it is the place where you examine yourself, your strength and weakness, and then strengthen them, and dress yourself up for public manifestation. If you have not discovered the weaknesses in the secret place, and they show up in public, you might not be lucky to cover up. That is why many beginners and intermediates are replaced by a better person when the pastor comes on stage, and they feel embarrassed; it is because they have not thoroughly rehearsed before hand. It is in the secret place that new ideas come into existence. There you will discover new techniques, licks, chords, scales and many others. Advanced and professional players do not take their practice soon with levity: they invest alot in it. That is why you and see people spend up to 5 to 10 hours daily,practicing with their instrument. By this, we know that, although they are professionals, yet they sustain discipline in practising in order to become greater and better through operations in their secret places.

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   Remember: we called it 'Secret Place' because it is a personal thing - not Public Place. In your secret place, you are alone with your instrument, rehearsing or practicing. Sometimes, you may have company of friends who are also interested in rehearsal. They might not necessarily play the instrument you play, but you all are practicing. This is likened to the rehearsals that choristers do before Sunday services. Note this: your secret place is not in church,where you play to songs iduring service; it is not in a studio, where you play to the songs of artistes. But it is in church, when you are there practice, and not for service. It is in your studio when you are not playing for an artist; it is also in a band, when the band members are practising as a band. It may and may not be for public performance. The secret place is secret, not public. Okay?

   Your secret place is influenced by the availability or non-availability of practice resources. The resources that will power up your music life must be available in your practice room. Conversely, these practice and training kits must be in good order: for it is one thing to have all the supplies, but it is another for the resources to be in good shape. Your closet must be rich in supplies. Do not be stingy! Pay for knowledge. Pay! If you are a keyboardist, here are a few things you must have:
A keyboard with all keys and function buttons working well.
Keyboard stand
Sustain Pedal(Optional)
Sheet Music(Optional)
Head Phone
Electricity or Batteries
Writing materials and so on...

   If you are a drummer, you should have:
A drum pad/kit
Good drum sticks. Don't manage.
Drum sheet Music
and so on..
You can listen them in the comments below..

  Do not be in lack of any of these tools: they are important. They prepare you for public presentation.

   Above all, your secret place is where you fellowship with God, but his Spirit. The natural man will remain natural unless he goes into partnership with the supernatural. In life, no one just becomes great like that. If you want to become great, do not joke with the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Pray in the Spirit, worship God, Praise Him, give alms, and you will be great. It is difficult to start and it is only few that take this seriously.

   Finally, if you are not contended with who you are, what you play, or how you play, it means you have to concentrate more on building yourself in your secret place. Put in more  time and effort: even the professionals do this. Refuse to be a mediocre! The kind of instrumentalist you would be in five years from now is based on everything you do in your secret place today. Therefore, invest in it! Build it! Strengthen it, and it will pay you results that will be more than what you expect.

Remember: You must pay the PRICE to win the PRIZE.

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