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   Hey, guys. Welcome to another file unit in PlayThePianos. I'll try to be brief in this post :) This time, I have prepared a very big file for you. This is going to blow your mind, and i beg you not to miss this opportunity, or you would not find it else where.

   What am I talking about? The name of the PDF file is: Tonic solfa of 85 songs and in it, I added some big tips on how to score any song. Scoring of songs means, how to find the solfa of songs, how to find the chord progressions of songs, how to find the key of any song in the world, and other elements in music. This is indeed a big resource and you must not lose it. Please, don't miss this. 🙏

How to get your copy of the EBook.

Do you want to get your copy as soon as possible? There are two ways to do that:
1. The Competitive, but tough way.
2. The easy way.

You can choose anyone you want; but I would advise you to choose the second method. You can choose the first, and if it doesn't work, take the second.

   Quickly, let us talk about the two methods stated above ☝. I would like to start with the hard way, so that the good news would come last.

The Hard/Competitive method

   In this method, you'll enter a 'rat race' with other people in the whole world, in order to search for this eBook. I have put the download link into an area in this site. The first three people to find the eBook would have it downloaded into their phones for FREE. All you have to do is to make a search into all the posts, pages and sections of this blog to get your free copy, and that's all. Once you find it, just click on download. By default, you can't download it like that, but I will authorize you to download it after you click on download.

Note: It is restricted to only the first three people, and it would be a different name. Fair enough! Let the ultimate search begin!!!

Hint: It is in a label named 'Tonic Solfas'.

The Easy way

  The second method is the easy way. It is for people who are willing to pay the price to win the prize of excellence and greatness in music. In this method, you don't have to stress yourself. All you have to do is to pay a small amount for the file, and you would get your copy in no time.

   And lucky you! PlayThePianos will be giving this out on a special offer. I will be giving this out for 800 Naira or 2.20 Dollars ONLY!!! At the end of the special offer, the file will return to its original price (1000 Naira). So, my friend, hurry up and grab your copy now! My advise for you is to choose the second method; but if you believe in yourself that you would win, you could try out the first method.

How to pay and get my copy easily

   For information and payment, please add this WhatsApp number: +2349031821332. You can also send an email to:

Drop your questions and suggestions in the comments box below 👇.

Thanks for your patience and support. Hurry up and you won't regret! 

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    1. Thank you, bro. Continue using PlayThePianos.


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