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   Hello, friends. Welcome back to PlayThePianos. I would like to use thus medium to thank all of us who use PlayThePianos. Thank you very much for your comments, shares, support, purchases and so on. God bless you.

   This time, I have a surprise package for you. It is an asset.  You know what that means? I am having a very big surprise for everyone that is worth your attention. Guess what it is? I want to teach you how to make money as a musician or instrumentalist. It does not matter what musical instrument you play or do not play; it does not matter if you are a theorist. In as much as you are into music directly or indirectly, this is for you. It is a treasure that you must value. Don't trivialise or ignore this post! It is what you have been searching for for ages. Just be patient to read this article to the end and believe it.

   So as earlier mentioned, I want to reveal one of the deepest secret in music. It is a mystery. It is one of the yet uncovered secrets of the modern age. There is no qualification for you to access this secret. Actually, it is for everyone but not everyone is ready get it and uncover it. Like the old saying, Many are called but few are chosen. Today, consider yourself engraced because you are among the few that are chosen to access this secret of making it in life just with your acquaintance with music(whether beginner, intermediate or advanced). The secret is: How to make money as an instrumentalist. It is real! It is genuine!! It is authentic!!! It works 100%.

   You see, the good news about this is that you do not need to be an advanced musician in order to earn money. You do not need to even have up to half of the knowledge of music practical or theory in order to be rich. All you need to have is just two things - your brain and the book. There are uncountable number of ways to make it in this life. Everything has to do with taking the right risks at the right time. I guarantee it that it will shock you to realise the brilliant ideas that will turn music into a money making machine, but yet you have not discovered them. They are big ideas capable of turning you into a multi million dollar owner and changing your level, by diligence and the help of God. The aim of this post is to open your eyes to this secret treasures that only few people in the world have discovered, and help you build your own money empire. Trust me! Prepare to thank God for this! In fact start NOW!!!

   As instrumentalists, we are not only striving to be advanced players in the field; we are not aspiring to only be a bed room instrumentalist; and we do not want to be an average or ordinary keyboardist, pianist or organist. We want the years we have spent investing in learning not to be a waste, but to be profitable; we want to be excellent in the field; and we want to be professionals by making money so that we would further invest in music and make our lives better. We want the pain to eventually become gain, no matter how it small or big it is. Isn't it so??? I would say it is...

   Every reasonable pianist is always seeking for ways to make ends meet. There is definitely no one that wants to be unproductive, especially those who specialise in the field. Making money might not be something so important to you if you have another occupation; but to others, it is something that must be done in order to keep the soul and body together. You must make money in other to do more jamming and in turn make more money. What is the essence of having an expensive skill that is not beneficial to you? You know what I mean?

   Making money is not something for anybody. Many people have decided to devote all their skills to the gospel for free. They do not want money - just to do service for God with thetheir skill. Others need to make money from their skills, probably because it is their specialization and they do not have any other means of earning a living, or some other reason. Any one you are or you want to be, it is not bad, it just depends on your conviction. Some people believe in getting paid as church instrumentalists, others do not. But aside church, you can really make money from your music skill. Shortly, we are going to discuss about give methods to make money as an instrumentalist. You do not need to be an advanced player - just know what you are doing.

   I hope you know that there are some professional instrumentalists that make millions everyday and every month. Most of them make huge sums of money from just a single ministration or presentation in a concert. You know what I mean? They play the instrument in order to be paid. Sounds interesting! While on the other hand, a very few number of beginner and intermediate keyboardists or instrumentalists, generally, make the same amount of money even without presenting in a concert. They simply make cool cash easily by completing small tasks in their rooms (not necessarily in public!). And congrats to you, my friend, you have just found the shortest route to success in making money as an instrumentalist, whether beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional.

  Now, this is what you have been waiting for. I have carefully written over twenty big ideas for you, that will help you make money. These ideas are real and I guarantee you of hundred percentage of high earnings if you try them out. Trust me, if you go into any of these ideas, you will move swiftly out of poverty or lack.

   You know what? You are lucky - very lucky. These big ideas on how to make money through music have ALL been combined into one PDF file(eBook). So once you have your copy, that's all. You don't need to search the net again to gain ideas on how to make money. Trust me, about twenty one methods in the PDF file are waiting for you to read and discover them, and then utilise them in order to increase your standard of living. Don't miss this chance. Once you have this idea, you have it all! Nobody can take it away. It is an investment and an asset.

   Let me give you another reason why you are in luck. You are in luck because this book is going to be sold at a lesser price to you. Why? By God's grace, I will be giving out this PDF file to the first twenty people for 1,000 Naira. After twenty people, it will be sold for 1,500 Naira. So hurry and get your copy now. Trust me! This is an investment you must NEVER miss.

   This eBook will not only give you the business ideas, but will guide you on how to start, what to have, what to do and not to do, and many other things. See? You must never miss it.


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