Anointing VS Skills - All Instrumentalists MUST read this

Anointing Is the Difference

   What makes the difference between a world-renowned pianist that has attended different concerts and is a music guru, and another man who has barely had two years of music experience, but is changing lives by simply playing through the power of the Spirit? What is responsible for having an advanced, professional and experienced keyboardist that knows all the rules in Music, and with the keyboard under his fingers, he can skilfully create an atmosphere of worship, yet at the end of the story there is no impartation during service?

   But on the other side of the equation, a young man trying to fully understand how chord progressions work is touching the spirits of men, moving mountains and doing things the average man cannot do, and at the end, people get mightily imparted, just because of the simple ministration of the young man. You might be wondering why it happens this way. Don't worry! You will soon get to know the answer. Let us dive in.....

   First and foremost,
 A keyboardist, not only the pastor, MUST pay the price for a genuine or authentic manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

   Anointing does not only involve putting a mark with oil or water on a person's head; but it ultimately means a gift from the Spirit of God to fulfil some assignment. So it would not make so much sense if we continue to limit ourselves to the world's definition of anointing. The real anointing comes from the Spirit of God and not man.

A Case study of David...

   Let us use David in the Bible as a case study. David is the most used example in topics related to this. According to the Bible in I Samuel 16, God told prophet Samuel to go and anoint David as king of Israel, after Saul disobeyed and failed God.Then in verse 14, due to Saul's disobedience, God's Spirit left Saul and an evil spirit was allowed to afflict him. I hope you know that evil spirits are real - they are not theories.

   Evil spirits are violent supernatural creatures, therefore, anything natural cannot have dominion over them, except he comes in contact with the supernatural. Then, when the affliction was too much for Saul, he was deeply troubled, one of his servants told him of David, that David was a very skilled boy whose ministration through the harp(a stringed musical instrument) would make the evil spirit depart from Saul the king. And so it was. David was taken to Saul. Whenever Saul was troubled by the evil spirit, David would play the instrument and the evil spirit will flee from Saul.

 Think: How would an ordinary harp or an ordinary harp player play the harp and get the result man expected? What was so special about what he played that made the evil spirit to depart from Saul?

Now note:

 - David was not the only harpist in town.
- David was definitely not the most skilled harpist, or could not have been the only skilled harpist then, that Saul's servant could recollect. Something supernatural about the way David plays MUST have made the servant to choose David, the little boy.

-It was only David that his ministration could cast demons out. This is because if it were not only him, the servant would have mentioned some others, whose ministration could cast demons out - not only David.
- David was a lad.

   It was not David's ministration that made the evil spirit depart from Saul, but the power and anointing of God upon him. Something about his ministration in the presence of Saul, which other experienced harpist couldn't do, spoke to the evil spirit and drove it away. Other experienced and skilled harpist in town at that time, could not try it.


   That is what the anointing and power of God can do in a believer's life. The anointing is God's gift to Christianity. It makes our service easier. It comes with power and brings signs and wonders through the presence of God. Casual worship cannot yield results; the anointing can do. If choristers could be blessed with this gift of God's presence and anointing, trust me, the church would be far better and evangelism would be far easier. Also, people of other religions will not see us as fools, but as people who reflect the image of Christ. Anointing helps us to depict the actions of Christ.

   That was how the anointing helped David the Shepherd. It singled David out, among at least, ten other harpists in town and made him a public figure in the Palace of the King. Anointing makes the difference among our counterparts. Anointing opens unimaginable doors for us. Nobody can resist the anointing of a man, provided it is authentic. Anointing is given by God - not experience.

   If you are the type that is jealous and tired because the church hires a better keyboardist to play during special services, it is because the church has not seen anything special about the way you play and they base their decisions on ONLY your skills. But when God's grace is upon you, they can never resist you. Suddenly, the men that they call to stand in your place, would automatically be replaced and you will be restored. True, his skills might be better than yours, but the power and presence of God manifests whenever you play the keyboard. No true minister would want to lose such an asset. It is not just skilful playing, but powerful playing that brings encounters and God experience.

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   Imagine you were in a marathon worship service with other keyboardists, and you people were coming to lead worship in turns. Then when it got to your turn, the anointing of the Spirit upon you paved way for open heavens and the manifestation of God's power profoundly. People got healed, lives were changing, many signs and wonders were wrought and other signs were performed. ALL these didn't happen because it was an angel or the Holy Spirit that was singing. It was because there was grace on you. Believe me, churches would abruptly stop inviting top keyboardists for their services and crusades, and focus on us. It is the truth.

   The anointing makes conviction sinners and evangelism more easier. The power of the anointing of God is immeasurable. Many of the people that got converted in the time of the early church were people who saw signs and wonders performed by the anointed apostles, who were originally the twelve disciples of God. Christ has given us these gifts to make our services for him as easy as ABC. It is left to us to choose to use it for his glory. Anointing is not a platform for pride. The fact that God uses you more than others does not mean we should think ourselves better. It is very important to  know that it is God's grace that chose us. You MUST possess a thankful heart.

   What is this piece all about? To make you know the power and gift God has in store for believers, and ministers MAJORLY. It is to make you aware and prepare you for the coming revival. You MUST not be left out. I am not telling you to be desperate for the anointing. Let the first things be first. Your salvation is the most important. After salvation, the next is to keep your stand firm in the Lord. The fruits of the Spirit are also important. The anointing is secondary. All things are possible through Christ Jesus. WE must bear fruits as christians. The fruit of the Spirit is more important. Copy?

   For those of you who have not given your hearts to Christ, this is your golden opportunity. If you want to get anointed and walk in the power of God, here is your chance. Kindly, place your left hand on your chest and lift up your right hand.

Now say this:

   Dear Jesus, I thank you for the grace of Salvation you have brought to humanity. Thank you for the conviction of my Soul. I confess my sins to you, Lord. I acknowledge that I have been a sinner and I am sorry. Please be my Lord and Saviour NOW. Save me from sin and guilt. Come into my heart and train me up to a dimension where I host your presence and power and reflect your Image. Amen.

   Congratulations, friend. Christ is already in your heart. Go and sin no more. Make sure to live your life according to the standard of the Word of God. Thanks and God bless.

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