Tonic solfa of Once in royal David's City: Nigba kan ni Bethlehemu

Tonic Solfa of Once in Royal David's City (Nigba Kan ni Bethlehemu)

Tonic Solfa of Once in Royal David's City

   In we post, we have the Solfa Notation or Tonic Solfa of Once in Royal David's City. 

    We all know this song as a Carol. It is sung annually, every Christmas season, to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

   The lyrics of this Carol has been added in both Yoruba and English Languages.

Solfa Notation or Tonic Solfa of Once in Royal David's City

Once in royal  David's city,
  s   t  d' d'  d't'd't  d' r'  r' d'
Stood a lowly cattle shed,
  d'  m' s' m' m'r'd't   d'
Where a mother laid her Baby,
  s    t   d' d'   d' t d' r' r'  d'

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In a manger for His bed:
d' m' s'  m' m'r' d't  d'
Mary was that mother mild,
 l' l'   s'   d'  f'   f'    m'
Jesus Christ, her lit  tle Child.
 l'  l'     s'   d' m'r' d't  d'

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English Lyrics

1. Once in royal David's city
 Stood a lowly cattle-shed,
 Where a mother laid her baby
 In a manger for His bed.
 Mary was that mother mild,
 Jesus Christ her little child.
2. He came down to earth from heaven
 Who is God and Lord of all,
 And His shelter was a stable,
 And His cradle was a stall,
 With the poor, and mean, and lowly
 Lived on earth our Saviour holy.
3. And through all His wondrous childhood
 He would honour and obey
 Love, and watch the lowly maiden
 In whose gently arms He lay
 Christian children all must be
 Mild, obedient, good as He.
4. For He is our childhood's pattern;
 Day by day like us He grew;
 He was little, weak, and helpless;
 Tears and smiles like us He knew
 And He feeleth for our sadness,
 And He shareth in our gladness.
5. And our eyes at last shall see Him,
 Through His own redeeming love;
 For that child so dear and gentle
 Is our Lord in heaven above;
 And He leads His children on
 To the place where He is gone.
6. Not in that poor lowly stable,
 With the oxen standing by,
 We shall see Him; but in Heaven,
 Set at God's right hand on high;
 When like stars His children crown'd
 All in white shall wait around.

Yoruba Lyrics

1. Nigba kan ni Betlehemu,
   Ile kekere kan wa,
   Nib‘ iya kan te ‘mo re si,
   Lori ibuje eran;
   Maria n‘iya omo na,
   Jesu Krist si l‘omo na.

2. O t‘orun wa s‘ode aye,
   On l‘Olorun Oluwa;
   O f'ile eran se ile
   ‘Buje eran fun ‘busun;
   Lodo awon otosi,
   Ni Jesu gbe li aye.

3. Ni gbogbo igba ewe Re,
   O ngboran, O si mb‘ola;
   O feran, O si nteriba,
   Fun iya ti ntoju Re!
   O ye ki gbogb‘ omode
   K‘o se olugboran be.

4. ‘Tori On je awose wa,
   A ma dagba bi awa;
   O kere ko le da nkan se,
   A ma sokun bi awa;
   O si le ba wa daro,
   O le ba wa yo pelu.

5. Ao f‘oju wa ri nikehin
   Ni agbara ife Re;
   Nitori omo rere yi
   Ni Oluwa wa l‘orun;
   O nto awa omo Re
   S‘ona ibiti On lo.

6. Ki se ni ibuje eran
   Nibiti malu njeun
   L‘awa o ri, sugbon l‘orun
   Lowo otun Olorun;
   ‘Gba won ‘mo Re b‘irawo
   Ba wa n‘nu aso ala.


  We have successfully treated the Solfa Notation or Tonic Solfa of Once in Royal David's City. I hope I have been able to bless you. Thanks for reading.

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